Classical Music Rising station partners at August 2017 meeting in Maine. Photo: Mark Vogelzang

Download presentations from Classical Music Rising Station Partners Meetings in August 2017 (Maine) and August 2016 (Phoenix)…and more.

Classical Music Rising Update

  • PRPD 2017 (Wende Persons)


CMR Partner Meeting 2017 (Maine)

Digital Metrics for Classical

  • (Mark Fuerst)

Discussion: Making the Case

  • (Deborah Lein)

State of Play

  • (Tom Thomas & Terry Clifford)

 Classical Spark

  • (Craig Curtis & Wende Persons)


CMR Partner Meeting 2016 (Phoenix) 

Overview of Strategies

  • (Judy McAlpine)

Partner Thoughts and Themes

  • (Wende Persons)

Digital Activities

  • (Matt Abramovitz)


  • (Wende Persons)