We share a strong sense that sustaining our mission and our organizations requires more than our broadcast service alone, and that there are opportunities for classical stations to be a force for good in our communities.

–Classical Music Rising Working Group: The Classical Station as Community Connector

More than 2,000 gathered at Bridge of Song, a community singing event organized by Minnesota Public Radio following a controversial police shooting.© 2016 Minnesota Public Radio®.  Use with permission. All rights reserved.


Checking Out the Competition, Part I: Why the Symphony Gets Bigger Gifts Than Your Classical Public Radio Station


Checking Out the Competition, Part II: How the Symphony’s Website Speaks to Major Donors

  • These reports by Deborah Lein highlight major giving fundamentals and best practices that classical stations can borrow from successful music and cultural organizations.



Convening the Classical Community

  • Effective, affordable, and infinitely variable, station-hosted convenings of local music communities inform the station, promote collaboration, and cultivate relationships that can lead to better service and increased financial support . (July 2018)


Instrument Donation Programs

  • Last year seven classical public radio stations collected 1,300 donated musical instruments for distribution to under-resourced school districts, specific neighborhood schools, or target student populations. (April 2018)

    “From Attic to Classroom”

  • This guide to organizing a music instrument drive is drawn from two drives sponsored by New York’s classical music station, WQXR. (May 2018)

    Youth Talent Showcases

    • A handful of stations are using their platforms to put talented young performers in the spotlight. These showcases for young musicians encourage musical aspiration and sustained participation, and perhaps a springboard for rising stars. (March 2018)


    The Classical Station as Community Connector

    • In this Working Group report, Classical Music Rising explores how stations can build ongoing, robust relationships for the benefit of the markets we serve. (June 2017)


    PMDMC Panel 2017: The Classical Station as Community Connector

    • Overview and takeaways from the CMR working group’s process (July 2017)



    Culture Track

    • The latest report from LaPlaca Cohen on consumer behaviors, motivations, and barriers to participation in the arts (to better understand classical radio’s place in the cultural ecosystem)


    Arts & Economic Prosperity V

    • From Americans for the Arts, a report on the economic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences. Locally and nationally, the arts mean business!