Classical music public radio stations aspire to the next levels of giving – moving from membership to major philanthropic support that will power growth in capacity, engagement, and new digital services. The case for such support must also move to new levels – speaking to larger interests, opportunities, and concerns.

A slide from the Classical KING campaign kick-off presentation

Words that Work – A Major Giving Toolkit

  • We consulted with major gifts officers at leading Classical Music Rising partner stations to surface concepts, examples, and activities that make the case for significant gifts. This “toolkit,” prepared by Deborah Lein, offers building blocks for your proposals: themes, topics, and talking points designed to be excerpted, adapted, personalized, and re-ordered to tell your story.


Making the Case for Classical KING

  • Classical KING in Seattle is ramping up a major campaign, first to support a new home for the station, then in later phases to build out other capacities and an endowment. The two documents below illustrate how to weave together some of the themes in “Words that Work” to create a strong narrative appeal.


KING Campaign Kick-Off: Remarks by Brenda Barnes


Classical KING Campaign Slides


Checking Out the Competition, Part I: Why the Symphony Gets Bigger Gifts Than Your Classical Public Radio Station


Checking Out the Competition, Part II: How the Symphony’s Website Speaks to Major Donors

  • These reports by Deborah Lein highlight major giving fundamentals and best practices that classical stations can borrow from successful music and cultural organizations.